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11 декабря 2015, 01:38

Ban Cars

Ban Cars

Today, 195 countries will announce that even a global effort to reduce emissions probably won’t prevent the catastrophic warming of the planet. But there is a way we can reach our climate goals. It’s not a pledge. It’s not a tax. It’s easier than that. We ban cars.

There are over a billion cars crawling the Earth’s surface right now, a number that might double as soon as 2030. How fast that figure grows depends on how dramatically developing nations like China and India experience increases in vehicle ownership. But no single country is currently driving more cars around this planet than the United States of America. We got the world into this mess. And this is our problem to fix.

Aside from a single panel discussion, the COP21 summit hasn’t addressed cars much at all. The United Nations issued a statement that 25 percent of all energy-related emissions in the atmosphere are from transportation, a percentage which is expected to grow to a third. To attempt to reach the climate goals, it says, at least a fifth of all vehicles worldwide should be electric by 2030.